Liquor Licenses

Owners of bars, restaurants, clubs, and markets in New Hampshire are at risk for serving underage customers and overserving intoxicated patrons. Stay on the right path by knowing the law and resources available to protect your customers and your business.

The Stats

Selling liquor and wine is a big responsibility. It is illegal to serve alcohol to customers under age 21, or to those who are obviously intoxicated. Your business is very important to you, the community, and the state’s economy. Responsible business practices and house policies help to reduce the risk of criminal or administrative charges, and promote profitability to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for both patrons and employees.


Female patrons are this much more likely to be served underage than their male counterparts.


The minimum age for a server, waitress, or bartender to handle alcohol.


The misdemeanor criminal fine for serving an underage or intoxicated person.


The minimum age of a cashier legally allowed to facilitate the sale of alcohol in a retail environment.

The Penalties

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to know the law. The State of New Hampshire offers training resources and classes on their website to help on-and-off premise retailers stay on the right path.

The sale of alcohol to an underage or intoxicated person is considered a Class B misdemeanor offense, with a set fine of $1200. Should prohibited service cause injury to the customer, this may escalate to a Class A misdemeanor, with a fine of $2000 and up to a year in jail.

Know the facts. Avoid the risks. Stay on the right path.